Friday, December 21, 2007

Judging yourself...!!!

Answer these following 60 questions and Belive me.. its the best way to know yourself.

  1. What do I really want to do in life?
  2. How do I plan to achieve my goals/career/ life?
  3. What are the most important rewards I expect in my career?
  4. What do I expect to be earning in the next two years?
  5. Why did I choose the career for which I’m into?
  6. Which one is the most important to me, the money or the type of job?
  7. What do I considered to be my greatest strengths and weaknesses?
  8. How would I describe myself?
  9. How do I think a friend or professor, who knows me, would describe me?
  10. What are my long-range life/career objectives?
  11. How do I see myself doing, two years from now?
  12. What specific goals other than those related to my occupation, that I established myself for the next two years?
  13. What are my long-range and short-range goals and objectives? When and why did I establish these goals? And how am I preparing myself to achieve them?
  14. What motivates me to put forth my greatest efforts?
  16. What makes me to be in my existing career and does it really gave a satisfaction to me? If yes/no, Why?
  17. What qualifications do I have that makes me think that I will be successful?
  18. How do I determine or evaluate success?
  19. What do I think it takes to be successful in a company that I like to work with?
  20. In what way did I think I could make a contribution to the company I like to work in?
  21. What are the genuine qualities of a successful consultant/Distribu tor?
  22. How can I describe the relationship that I established between me and my family, friends and society?
  23. What two or three accomplishments have given me the most satisfaction till now? And why?
  24. In which way I can describe the most rewarding life experiences meant to me?
  25. What let me to choose my existing career?
  26. What college subject did I like most and why?
  27. What college subject did I like least and why?
  28. If I could do so, how would I plan my career?
  29. If given a chance, in an imagination, what would I really change of my personal/life history?
  30. What I have really learned as an individual in participation with the society?
  31. In what kind of work environment I feel myself most comfortable?
  32. How do I work under pressure?
  33. In what part time jobs/business, I’ve been most interested? And why?
  34. How would I describe the ideal job/business for me, it to be?
  35. What do I know about the company I would like to work with? How did I know?
  36. What two or three things are most important to me in my life?
  37. What criteria am I using to evaluate the company for which I hope to work?
  38. Do I have a geographical preference? Why?
  39. Am I willing to travel?
  40. What major problem have I encountered till now and how did I deal with it?
  41. What I learnt from my mistakes?
  42. How would I prefer my knowledge, skill, effort, time and co-ordination to utilize? For myself of for somebody?
  43. Would I be interested in unlocking my potential?
  44. Did I believe that contacts are contracts?
  45. Did I believe that change in my life would occur according to the change in the society? If yes/no, why?
  46. Am I using my life to fulfill my dreams or the others?
  47. Can I take a challenge and face it?
  48. What do I believe in, circumstantial values or lifetime values?
  49. What is the methodology to fulfill one’s dreams?
  50. How am I interested in my growth? With conviction or compulsion?
  51. How do I value self?
  52. How do I value others?
  53. What does it really means value to me?
  54. Do I really value the “VALUE” by itself?
  55. What are right and wrong values according to me?
  56. What does life really means to me?
  57. Planning can solve 80% of problems? Do I believe in this? Yes/No. Why?
  58. How do I trust self and others?
  59. Do I work in co-ordination with my mind and soul?

Answer all these 60 questions and find out the ‘Real you’.

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