Sunday, December 9, 2007

Chirag Saiya

I am a Corporate Trainer & writer on "Self Development".

I have written nine books on Management based on Spiritual Intelligence.

My training programs and books focus on Spiritual Management for self development in all the areas of life Viz. Personal, Professional, Social & Spiritual.

My training program also includes few exercises on "PRANAYAM" (i.e. Breathing Exercises) and "MEDITATION"

My Books (free download)

New Theory of Relativity - The Art of Creativity in 1 Page.pdf

Is Earth Moving? The Art of Lateral Thinking in 2 Pages.pdf

Chanakya Niti - Developing Leaders in 1 Page.pdf

Ramayana - Management of the Theory of Time in 3 Pages.pdf

Bhagvad Gita - The Best Management Book in 1 Page.pdf

The 25 Best Management Gurus.pdf

If you have Guts then Dare to be DIFFERENT.pdf

Veg Vs. Non-Veg.pdf

Life beyond Money & Development.pdf

My contact details:

Cell: (+91) 9819 210 230

E-Mail: /


H.O.: Mumbai - India.



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