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Graduate Record Examination (GRE)

GRE is directed by the Education Testing Service (ETS) on behalf of the Graduate Record Examinations Board and the Council of Graduate Schools. GRE Exam chiefly a multiple-choice test. The GRE Exam scores have to be submitted by students aspiring for admission in international graduate school for Graduate program. Apart from the general GRE Exam there are about 12 GRE subject Tests offered by the program to help determine a students success in specific fields.

GRE Examination

There are two versions of the GRE Exam, the first is the

  • GRE Exam - General
  • GRE Exam - Subject

GRE Exam - General Exam: The General GRE Exam consists of 3 sections, the

  • Verbal
  • Quantitative
  • Analytical writing sections

Both the GRE Verbal and GRE Math test in GRE Exam each yield a score between 200-800 points. Scores on the GRE analytical writing test are measured on a scale of 0 to 6 and is awarded in ½ points. Since only some of the graduate programs require the scores of The GRE Exam - Subject, students availing such course need only appear for it. The score on the GRE Subject test too ranges between 200 to 800 points.

The Analytical writing section is the latest addition. There are two versions of GRE Exam.

  • Paper Based GRE EXAM
  • Computer Based GRE EXAM

The student is given the choice of taking GRE Exam on paper or on the computer. This section helps to determine the students writing and analyzing skills. There are two parts in this section that needs to be answered by the student. The first part has to be finished in 45 minute time limit. The student has to write an essay on the issue of a give topic. The second part deals with analysis of an argument and needs to be completed within 30 minutes. Of the 3 sections the writing test is the first to be taken.

The student is allowed to take the GRE Exam only once in a month and a total of 5 times in one year period. The official GRE Scores are sent to the student and to the institutions to which the student would be applying within 10 to 15 days after the GRE Exam. The student can register for the GRE Exam online in the web site or by calling the 800 number given in the Information and Registration Bulletin.

GRE CAT: In March 1992 the Computer Adaptive Test (CAT) format of GRE was introduced to students. The GRE CAT superiority lies in its ability to asses the students level of intellect and present questions accordingly. The question paper pattern of the paper based test has been retained. The only differences between the paper based GRE and GRE CAT are In GRE CAT the questions are answered on a computer instead of paper and the questioner differs from person to person depending on their intellect.

The advantage in the CAT format of GRE is that, instead of all the students answering to the same set of questions, the GRE CAT test adapts itself according to the performance leave of the student. This is achieved through a set of practical rules that the GRE CAT follows. The Student is put forth with the easiest of the questions at the beginning of the test. Based on the answer that is chosen, i.e. whether it is the correct or the wrong answer the next question gets chosen. If the student selects the wrong answer, the next question presented would be of the same level as the first question. This same pattern is followed through out the GRE CAT test. If the student answers the question correctly the difficulty level of the next question would increase. With the difficulty of the questions the score level too increases. Hence, the number of difficult questions the student answers the more score he gains.

Since the first few questions play a crucial role in the progress of the test level, the students have to be more careful at the beginning of the GRE CAT test. Remember answering the first 10 questions correctly in GRE CAT will take you closer to a Score of 800 even if you answer the remaining questions wrongly. First 10 wrong and subsequent questions correct will not fetch you much of a score. Keep this in mind and spend more time and effort in answering the first 10 questions of GRE sections correctly

GRE Test Date: GRE Test is administered throughout the year. There is no specific GRE test date. A test taker can choose his GRE test date and time in a nearby centre. The GRE test is conducted in almost all major cities around the globe from Monday to Friday two times a day. The problem associated with GRE test date is that during September to December most of the test takers tend to give their GRE test and most of the test takers will choose a day between September and December as their GRE test date. The GRE test dates between September and December will fill up very quickly and so many test takers will be forced to choose a test centre far away from their location to get a desired GRE exam date during this period.

To fix a GRE test date one has to contact - Computer-Based Testing Program, Educational Testing Service, P.O. Box 6020, Princeton, NJ 08541-6020 Or calling: 1-800-GRE-CALL

Testing Centers: GRE Testing centers are available in almost every place in the world. The candidate aspiring to Take GRE can contact the appropriate testing center register for GRE Test and take GRE Test in the appropriate GRE Test center of his choice. The Graduate Record Examination Board, a non-profit association of graduate business schools, directs the Educational Testing Service (ETS) to administer the GRE test. The questions are set and overseen by the ETS. The GRE Score is sent to the candidate directly by the GRE.

WorldWide GRE Test center: The GRE test is administered world wide through the GRE test center recognized by the ETS. For instance the Indian agency is known by the name of the Sylvan Testing Services Pvt Ltd. The Sylvan Testing Services Pvt Ltd is a franchise of the ETS which conducts the GRE test through its 9 GRE Testing centers distributed through out the country. These GRE Testing centers are located in Ahmedabad, Allahabad, Bangalore, Calcutta, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai, New Delhi, and Trivandrum. You can search the available GRE Test center in your County, City, State or Town by clicking

Testing Center availability: Register for GRE as soon as possible because always popular or desired GRE Testing centers fill up very quickly. By delayed GRE Test registration you may end up in taking GRE at a distant, non desiring GRE Test center.

GRE Fees

There is no restriction on students wishing to take the GRE test. There is no constrain based on qualification or age levied on the student. Though the GRE test scores has a validity of five years and are acceptable by most of the universities, it is recommended that the student submit scores that are not older than 2 years to make a better impression on the universities. The GRE fees for the GRE test differs from country to country. The GRE Test fee cannot be paid in any other currency other than US dollars. Several payment options for paying GRE Fees are available

  • globally accepted credit card
  • US dollar denominated draft
  • Money Order/Certified Check
  • U.S. Postal Money Order
  • International Money Order
  • UNESCO Coupons

There is no compulsion that the credit card should be owned by the applicant for paying the GRE Fees. The draft should be drawn in favor of “ETS – GRE” payable at US banks. The drafts are usually issued at most of the cities' main branch offices of banks having a foreign exchange counter. To draw an US dollar denominated draft in India a service charge of about 200 rupees is levied on the student.

GRE Test Fees - By Country: Generally to register for the GRE test within US and U.S. territories and Puerto Rico amounts to 115 dollars for General test and 130 dollars for Subject test. The registration fee of 140 dollars for General test and 150 dollars for Subject test which amounts to about 7000 rupees has to be paid by the Indian student who wishes to take the test. Students from China, inclusive of Hong Kong, Korea and Taiwan, need to pay 175 U.S. dollars as GRE registration fee. The student who wish to reschedule their GRE test is required to pay a 40 dollar reschedule fee. Any additional score report would require 15 dollars as payment for per sheet. The refund on cancellation would amount to 60 dollars and is valid only if the cancellation is made at least 7 days before the chosen test date. The standby fee on registration of GRE is 35 US dollars.

GRE Fee Waiver: GRE Fee waivers are available for students based on their financial needs. GRE Fee waivers are available for both GRE General Test and GRE Subject Test. Students who intend to get a GRE Fee waiver must contact Central Financial Aid at 757-226-4125. There are eligibility conditions for the GRE Fee waiver. Contact Central Financial Aid for more information on eligibility conditions for GRE Fee Waiver

List of the popular GRE training centers, prep classes that offer personalized GRE tutoring, coaching and other GRE preparation services in India are;

Edstar GRE Prep: Available in Mumbai-Tel : 022 - 23015639 / 23015602 / 23015591; Delhi South- Tel: 41674227, 41674281, North - 27666121, 27666117, Sainik Farms - Tel: 29552849-51, 55655652; Noida -Tel: (95 - 120) 6455377 Bangalore - Tel. (+91-80) 25574311/12/13, 56991406/07 Hyderabad Tel: (040) 55767425, 55737425, 9985412330, Kolkata – Tel: (033) 22891103/04/05, 9331889455 Pune - Tel: 020-25459589-90,30915612, 9850611830

Center for American Education (CAE): Available at Mumbai Tel. 91-22-56372944, Delhi (+91-11) 24330007, 41552577, 24330509Jamboree GRE Preparation: At Delhi - South East -Tel: (+91-11) 65654789/90, 26330336, South Delhi-Tel: (+91-11) 41661811, 41661812, 26140741, 26142857, North Delhi-Tel: (+91-11) 27225695/98, 65650582; Gurgaon- Tel : (+91-124) 4267730, 4267731

Princeton Review GRE Preparation: At Delhi South East Delhi Ph. : (+91-11) 41626803, 41755725 / 6 South Delhi: Ph. : (+91-11) 41755325 / 6 / 7 North Delhi Ph. : (+91-11) 27412119, 27412271, 30976725 Gurgaon: (+91-124) 4087884 / 5 / 6 Bangalore Ph. : (+91-80) 41211705 / 6 / 7, (+91-80) 41281874, 41490425 / 6, (+91-80) 41152769, 41481552

Top Careers & You : Chandigarh Tel: 0172 - 4616169, 5072902, Jalandhar, Tel: 0181-3095522, LudhianaTel. 0161 - 2461364, 2460908

Nodnat Educational Services: Lucknow Tel. +91-522-2204374

Bulls Eye Knowledge Systems – Pune Ph:020-25678999, BHATINDA Ph: 0164-5003374, BILASPUR Ph: 07752-404113 CHANDIGARH Ph: 0172-4611111, 5089389 GOA Ph: 5641991 JAMMU Ph: 2582047 JODHPUR Ph: 291-5112066 LUDHIANA Ph: 3296685, 3012685 NASIK Ph: 5612633 PATIALA Ph: 0175-5062699 RAIPUR Ph: 0771-5035326/7/8/9 SHIMLA : Ph: 0177-2622329
DURGAPUR Ph: 2547948

Ascent Education: Chennai- Ph +91 44 4500 8484, +91 44 3912 4040, +91 44 4501 2141, E Mail:

Career Makers: New Delhi - Ph. EPBX 91-11-26692605 TO 608 Email: ,

Institute of Management Studies India (IMS) : Mumbai 022 – 66680005

PRIME Centres: Delhi Ph No. : 55805922, 55805933 Also available at Amravati, Aurangabad, Amalapuram, Bhusawal, Cuddapah, Kolkata, Nagpur, Patna, Pune, Secunderabad, Hyderabad, Jalgaon, and Vishakapatnam

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