Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Learn the essence of Mind Control

Learn to control your mind before your mind controls you

Do you ever sit to work and then spend most of your time day dreaming? Do you feel that your wandering mind is causing delays in your work? Do you feel a desperate need to control your mind and don’t know how to do so?

We are all given a mind to think and we are all born with the same power to utilize our mind. The mind is the most powerful of all forces a mankind can ever experience. One can elevate or degrade oneself by one’s own mind. The mind can become one’s best friend or the worst enemy. The mind becomes a friend to the one who has control over it and becomes an enemy for the one who is controlled by the mind.

Why is it necessary to control your mind? An uncontrolled mind is like a wild horse, which has a lot of energy and keeps running after so many things, whereas a controlled mind is like a trained horse. Imagine trying to channel all your mental energy towards one task. You will do a job/task better if all your mental energy is channeled properly towards it.

With a wandering mind a person cannot concentrate on his/her work and often has to face severe conditions and pressure at work. Its not that we don’t know how to work, it’s just that we don’t know how to regain control on our mind.

It’s true that we humans have a very short attention span, but that does not mean that we cannot control our mind and get it back on track. Following are some tips that can help you towards mind control.

Tips on How to mind control

1. Identify thoughts which distract you
One of the primary reasons why we are not able to focus or pay attention is because of some thoughts with which our mind is always pre-occupied. Give yourself sometime and identify those thoughts and write it down. Once you have written it down, think to yourself that these thoughts are disturbing and harmful to you. Indulge in self talk. Once you do this as a practice, the next time similar thoughts come to you, you will start talking to yourself and remove those thoughts from your mind.

2. Be aware about yourself
How many times have you read a page or listened to a song or passed by a road without realizing what you read/heard/saw. It happens with many of us. The best thing to do is to always be aware of you. Be aware of where you are, what you do. Be aware of your breathing rate, etc. Once you put this in practice you will not only be in the present but will also improve your memory.

3. Throw out negative thoughts
If you had a fight with your boss/spouse or someone said something which you did not like, then I would suggest that you put to practice called “negative thoughts discarding”. Do this. Close your eyes and visualize the person for whom you have negative thoughts. Once you see the person, start talking with that person. Explain to him/her your position and discuss with that person. Visualize the entire sequence of events and towards the end tell yourself that, now you have spoken out all your anger/negativity and that you will never let this anger/negativity bother you.

4. Don’t over stress yourself
With so many tensions piling up today and so much work to do stress is bound to happen. Stress not only affects your body, but also your mind. With stress your mind stops to function and cannot prioritize. Once you lose control over the priority in your life you no longer have control over your mind. Therefore, you will at times feel that some tasks are important than others and the next instant you change your mind and something else becomes important. This happens because you are not able to decide. Read this article on Tips for Stress Management

5. Meditate
As food is to the body, meditation is to the mind. Meditation not only re-energizes you but also helps you regain control over your mind. Close your eyes and learn to relax. Once in relaxed state, visualize an object. Once the visualization is clear, start concentrating on that object. Concentrate on how it looks, its color, its shape, all its features, etc. At first this exercise is very difficult, but with time you will master it. I am in the middle of writing a 10 minute meditation guide. Subscribe to the newsletter to receive updates on the same.

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