Monday, August 27, 2007

Questions to ask interviewer

In the real sense, it is better not to ask any questions to interviewer....but following are the list of questions...that u can ask..!!!

* May I have a replica of the printed job description?

* How would you explain your company background?
* What is your company's work statement?
* Why is this position open?
* What is the characteristic career path for this position?
* What is your withholding rate within this corporation?
* How diverse is your executive management team?
* What is the noise level like during the day?
* How many meetings am I likely to attend, and how long do they usually last?
* Is there a dress code?
* Can you enlighten me more about the department?
* Can I work from home at times?
* Can you tell me something about the position?
* What kind of person you are looking for?
* Who is the manager I would be working for and what is their managing style?
* What would a typical working day be in this position?
* What is the compensation package range for this position?
* What is the next step for consideration?
* When will you be making a decision on this position?
* Is this job opportunity due to growth or replacement?
* How much does the position pay?
* What type of training do you provide?
* How is performance appraisal conducted within your association?
* What benefits are provided to your employees?
* Do you have a tuition compensation plan?
* Do you have an employee stock purchase plan? Do you participate?
* Does it matter when I work, as long as I come to meetings?
* How many projects have succeeded/failed in the last five years?
* How are promotions evaluated within your organization?



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